Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Grand Affair

Original post date: October 19, 2012

During the standard ceremony I perform, I ask the bride & groom to join hands. What should the bride do when she's already holding a bouquet? I don't think there's a right answer. Some keep it, the groom wrapping his fingers around the stem and hers. Others hand it to a witness, seeming to regret having brought it in the first place. Readers, what do you think?

I had the most elaborate wedding ever this week. The couple wanted a traditional processional. The groom's best man and groomsmen stood by him. There were three flower girls - luckily, their title was ceremonial; no petals to clean up afterwards - and a 2 or 3-year-old ring-bearer in a 3-piece suit. As the bride prepared to walk down the aisle, one of the witnesses played the wedding march on her phone. After the ceremony, many pictures were taken.

For the first time I can remember (although I'm sure not the first time ever), all the couples were first-timers - none had been married before. Considering how much planning went into the large wedding, I suspect it will be the only one for them.

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