Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Force Is Strong With This One

Original post date: August 7, 2012

This week was another busy one at the marriage factory.  Miss Janet already described the media swarm that engulfed our little office a couple weeks ago.

The only anecdote I can add is the couple who had attended the same high school years ago.  The bride had asked the groom to the prom and he had declined.  To make matters better/worse, he did not remember that until a friend of the soon-to-be bride brought it to his attention - after the couple had started dating for a while.  Luckily, the bride had a good sense of humor, and the groom certainly seemed to regret his earlier decision.

There was a couple with a large party waiting when the doors opened. I hadn't arrived; luckily, we have an enthusiastic intern who loves doing weddings.  From then on, the couples kept coming.

Some highlights:
The couple was in their 60s and their ceremony was in Spanish.  They were so in love they began kissing before the vows were done.  No worries about those two.

The bride and groom were 30 years apart in age.  He was dapper in a pin-stripe suit and she lovely in a purple dress.  She was trembling throughout the ceremony, and couldn't wait to hug her new husband.

Since Miss Janet occasionally focuses on fashion, I will do the same.  The bride wore a STAR WARS T-shirt pattern on a mini dress, even though she was born after RETURN OF THE JEDI came out.  No one mentioned it.  She also had a flower in her hair.  Coolest thing ever.

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