Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Original post date: September 9, 2012

Every once in a a great while, I'm asked to practice my marrying skills outside the friendly confines of the Hall of Records.

The little secret of weddings in California (and perhaps elsewhere) is that anyone can solemnize a marriage.  You'd need to go to the Hall of Records and get deputized for a single wedding.  Before I started marrying people, our friend Scott officiated at our friends Bradley & Gina's wedding.  Once I started at the Hall of Records, I wanted to be able to do any wedding anywhere in the US, so I became ordained in the Universal Life Church.  That way, I wouldn't need to bother the Vitals staff with the paperwork.

Earlier this year, as I chatted with a couple before marrying them, the bride told me that they intended to have a wedding for family & friends later in the year.  She was finalizing the plans and asked if I knew anyone who could officiate.  Since the couple had already been legally married by me, they could have anyone preside at their family wedding.

When she asked for an officiant, I volunteered, and she accepted.  Last week, that wedding happened.  It was great to see them still very much in love and a little nervous.  Family from both sides had traveled quite a ways to join them, and they were very grateful.  That made for a supportive and loving atmosphere, and I was happy to be a small part of their special day.

As Miss Janet says, we have no endings.  People get married and go on their way.  The only exception I have is my brother-in-law, still happily married to the lovely woman I wedded him to almost 2 years ago.  What a thrill to get to be a part of the next piece of this great couple's married lives!

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