Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Smile For The Camera

Original post date: August 12, 2012

An average day at the marriage factory - one or two typos, a few crying brides, and a couple folks struggling with cameras.

A lot of couples are surprised at how nice the wedding room is.  I think they expect a bureaucratic office with beige walls and a plain desk and file cabinet - which is exactly what the clerk's office is.

The room itself if very warm and inviting, with rich wood pew-like benches, a lovely carved podium and wall-high folky tapestries.  There is also a lovely garden arch woven with plastic vines and flowers.  Couples can imagine they're being married in a bower.

Two couples had restless kids this week.  That wouldn't be so bad if the benches didn't resound so when kicked and weren't so smooth the kids can slide back and forth across them.  I get it, though.  A wedding is very boring if you're 8 or 9 and not a part of it.  Still, can't they sit still for 10 minutes?  I used to be annoyed when parents would give a child a handheld video game to keep him distracted. Now I think the county should invest in a couple, for the sake of peace.

I don't like posing for pictures in real life.  Since I donned the robe, I would guess I've been in more than 500.  The secret to looking good in a picture is to stare directly at the lens, not at the person taking the picture.  When there are multiple cameras, swivel your head from camera to camera as best you can.

Anyone who thinks that easy photo-sharing will reduce the number of people who want to take pictures at an event is naive.  Now that everyone can be a photographer, everyone wants to be a photographer.

Fashion report
The bride wore a leopard-print knee-high dress with jet-black hair and red lipstick - totally worked.

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