Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You Live Where Now?

Original post: February 14, 2015

When I get a license at the Marriage Factory, I scan it for age, county (non-Alameda county weddings require a little more processing and explanation), and names, so when I call out to the masses in the lobby, I have a rough idea of where to aim.  A Chinese couple in their 20s are unlikely to be the 3 elderly Hispanic gentlemen sitting together.

I rarely look at the other information until the ceremony is underway, and mostly just as a point of conversation.  "Oh, you were born in Michigan.  My wife grew up there."  The address is usually the least interesting thing about a couple, although if it's the same for both participants, at least they know each other well.

Imagine my shock when I glanced at a license and saw my own address.  Not my current address, mind you.  That would be a little too baffling.  No, this soon-to-be-wed duo live in the house my father bought in the late '80s when he first moved to California.  When I headed west to start my new life here, I stayed with him for a year, and then in that house for 2 more years while he headed back east.

I've never been back to the house since leaving it to pursue employment and stability.  It was a nice house then and I'm sure it's even better now, especially with the real estate values in the Bay Area. The couple were very kind in talking with me about the house after I performed their wedding, not at all unnerved as I asked questions about the wall color and carpeting.  Then they went on their way, back to the place I used to live.

Fashion report
A groom in Crocs and a bowling shirt with train illustrations, a groom who took off his hoodie for the ceremony, and...well, that should be enough

By the numbers
Ceremonies: 10
Formal wear: 5
Couples who live in a house I used to live in: 1

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