Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Lightning Round

Original post date: February 28, 2013

Fridays at the Marriage Factory usually get busy toward noon, just as I'm ready to duck out the door and join friends for lunch.  Sometimes that rush is mild and other times, well...

Two Fridays ago was the day after Valentine's Day and the day before a 3-day weekend.  The first 90 minutes were not unusual, even a bit slow.  Then more couples started arriving.  And more after them.  By 11:20, I had 5 licenses on my desk, and several in the queue.  Luckily, the second wedding room was still decorated, so Clerk C offered to bring the couples up to me, and I'd marry 'em one after the other, switching rooms as needed.  We got through 9 couples in about an hour that way, with each bride and groom still getting a very nice ceremony.

Last Friday was back to normal.  Five or six couples, with a few more hitting our doors about noon, including one in a formal wedding gown.  My relief arrived at 12:30, and I was out the door, so I never got to see how that one panned out.  As Miss Janet says, we have no endings.

The two dresses of note over the last two weeks were turquoise.  The first week's dress was a floor-length sleeveless maternity dress worn by a bride almost ready to give birth.  She looked lovely, perhaps even glowing. By contrast, Week 2's dress was a traditional Chinese Muslim wedding dress, very ornately embroidered, with a head covering, also lovely.

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