Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fashionable Grooms

Original post date: October 19, 2013

Another busy day at the factory.  In my last post, I advocated legalizing same-sex marriage for the tourist windfall.  There's another reason: male same-sex couples have good-looking weddings, no matter their age.  The older couple I married early in the day had found the same monogrammed shirt in different sizes, and were wearing the same colored trousers and shoes, topped off with matching boutonnieres.  Casual, but stylish.

I had to wait until my shift was almost over for the best-dressed wedding.  The entire party were in black and white.  Two men and a bunch of female guests, all in clever variations on the same theme. It was clear that a guiding intelligence had put the party together. One of the women wore a white lace dress.  I thought she was the bride until the gentlemen in vests, one with a standard tie and one a bow tie, stepped forward.  While the ceremony was nice, the fashion show was better.

There was competition: a lovely purple wrap dress, a knee-length white brocade, and a full-length standard bridal gown.  The latter was in my last wedding of the day, which was also the largest.  The wedding room was full, all the benches packed.  The crowd urged the bride and groom through their vows, and when they were pronounced husband and wife, the place erupted.  I hope their marriage is as happy as their guests were.

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