Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

Original post: March 24, 2015

Despite several people telling me different, Friday was not the first day of spring.  It was the day before the first day of spring.  That did not stop all manner of folk from deciding to ring in the new season with a new spouse.

The Marriage Factory was busier for me than it's been since Valentine's Day.  More importantly, I got to train a new clerk/marriage commissioner.  I've trained a few in the 6+ years I've been doing weddings, and it's great to watch someone learn how to guide the couple to the best possible experience.  That includes understanding how to control a crowd, knowing the ins and outs of the paperwork, and above all, spreading what joy we have on their special day.  Mostly it's about making sure the names are spelled right, trying to keep the kids quiet, and repeating the vows until the bride & groom hear them.

This week was no different in those respects: a nervous bride who rocked back and forth from "I (your name here)" through "I now pronounce you", a license that had to be reprinted twice for the same mistake, and various children tearing around the room.

When the new clerk was ready for her first wedding, I let her take the lead.  She did a great job, especially since she knew the couple.  It was a surprise to both her and them.  They are having a large ceremony later this month in which the clerk's former beau is a groomsman.  She handled what could have been a very awkward situation with far more aplomb than I might have, sending them on their way with a great souvenir picture to show their soon-to-be bridal party.

Fashion report
The day started with a bang: a beautiful black dress with beaded backing and a silver headpiece. There were several suits and a traditional cotton wedding dress and shirt.

By the numbers
Ceremonies: 14
Formal wear: 9
Toddlers in pin-stripe suits with ties: sadly, only 1

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