Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hoppin' New Year!

Original post: January 6, 2015

New Year's Eve at the Marriage Factory was surprisingly tame in the wake of Monday and Tuesday's 30 weddings apiece . Imagine my surprise when Friday was busier than ever! My average is 8-10 weddings; this week, I did 16.

The largest group was about 35 people - 2 elevators' worth. Once they arrived, everything went fine, although the groom went with "I will be true to you as long as I will", not "as long as I live".  Usually when the bride catches that, she is not happy.

There were 2 or 3 nervous brides. One swiveled back and forth during the vows, making me almost say "Grow gently with each other and do the twist" instead of "encourage each other".

Fashion report
Lots of well-dressed folks this time around.  Vests, coats, and beautiful dresses abounded.  A few were even color-coordinated.  There was a groom in the top half of a suit whose bride was wearing what looked like the suit trousers. Per the title of Miss Janet's blog, let's not speculate about what that means.

By the numbers
Ceremonies: 16
Formal wear (suit/dress): 6
Recruited witness from other couple in lobby: 1 (3 counting New Year's Eve)
Crowd larger than 30: 1
"As long as I will": 1

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