Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lessons Learned Pt. 2

Original post date:  July 23, 2012

1. Don't be afraid to ask how names are pronounced.  Gone are the days of Steve and Cindy.  Welcome, Abraxia, Shevvonne, and Reandeal.

2. Ask everyone to silence cell phones.  This prevents the interruption as Dad calls to congratulate the couple and "I like big butts" rings out across the wedding room.

3. Have any photographers take a couple test shots, so the happy couple will be in focus, and you'll be ready for any interesting camera noises.

4. Wedding rings can cause a lot of confusion.  3 simple rules:

  • Get the rings ready before the ceremony begins.  Finding them at the bottom of a purse really puts a crimp in the proceedings.
  • The groom's left hand is opposite the bride's right hand.  This is surprisingly challenging to remember.
  • Rings often don't fit, especially when you're nervous.  It happens a lot and means nothing - don't worry about it.

5. Wash your hands after every couple ceremonies, or if anyone coughs or sneezes.  I don't know how the clerks avoid being sick all the time.

From Miss Janet:
I would add to number 4:

  • Rings hit the floor, no big deal.  Someone picks them up and we finish the ceremony.
  • I can't tell you how many times I have said, "other left".

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