Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Name In Ink

Original post date: October 5, 2012

It only took me 4 years at the Hall of Records to get tired of printing my name, which I do 2 times for most ceremonies.  I decided that a stamp would be much more legible, if not easier.  (This is for my spelled name, not signed name.  That is still unreadable.)  My lovely wife Sue got me the stamp and wouldn't you know it, the next week at the Hall of Records was rather slow.  I only used my stamp about 5 times, and one of the clerks had to reprint a license because I stamped a little off-center. Practice will make perfect, I'm sure.

The main problem with being able to perform Spanish ceremonies will be familiar to anyone who knows a bit of a different language.  The people for whom I perform the ceremony assume I understand Spanish.  I can get the gist of most conversations, but not at the speed at which most people speak their native language.  I need to learn more and better Spanish.

Photo sharing as a way of saving effort and space is obviously not catching on.  The group at one ceremony had 9 different cameras & phones going at once, with some people working 2 in tandem. There's no squashing the feeling that someone else's pictures won't be the ones we would've taken.

Fashion report
Cutest rings: matching Scrabble tiles with the mate's initial - hers had his first initial, his had hers. Both were worth 1 point - nice and equal.

A few lovely asymmetrical, flowing dresses, one beaded with a beaded headband, like an understated tiara.

So much ink, including a bride with a breastplate tattoo of a winged heart.  Still not tempted to get one myself.  She wore a lovely black dress, but kept a denim jacket over it.

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