Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weddings & TV

Original post date: October 13, 2013

I watch a lot of television.  A LOT of television.

My tastes run toward single-camera comedies on NBC, live sports, and the odd crime drama, like BONES or THE BLACKLIST.  I don't watch reality TV, not even competition shows.  Luckily, my encounter with a contestant from one such show was very sweet.  She and her intended were on vacation in California and decided to make a wedding of it. She was not at all upset that I didn't recognize her.  I hope she has all the success in the world.

They were not the only pair from out of town.  I had couples from Utah, Colorado, and Texas.  All those tourist dollars floating into California, just because we let people marry each other.  You'd think in troubled economic times, most states would be smart enough to recognize that source of revenue. If not, hey, more for us.  Plus we've got the Wine Country for honeymooning.  It's hard to beat that.

The cutest wedding of the day was a color-coordinated one: bride & groom in red, black, gray, and white.  The ring bearers were three children between 5 and 8, all in ties, pinstripe waistcoats, and trousers.  They matched perfectly, like a set of formally-dressed nesting dolls.  Rarely do I feel underdressed in my officiant's robe.

I was also lucky enough to marry a couple whose store I patronize. It's great to join together two people who've formed both a life and a thriving business, especially since I could probably get a discount now.

Comment from my wife Sue:
I have it on good authority that Joe has seen almost every single episode of WHAT NOT TO WEAR, which is a reality show. There are definitely a few he's watched in the past but given up on, like THE AMAZING RACE and DANCING WITH THE STARS. Just trying to set the record straight ;)

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