Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bring Your Friends!

Original post: March 4, 2015

As an amateur social scientist, I theorize that the size of a wedding party in no way correlates to the success of the marriage.  My wife & I were married in front of 4 people.  My cousin was married in front of almost 100 people. I'm still married.  She is not.  Kim & Kanye are still together.  Scatter-plot that all you want.  I bet nothing lines up.

Admittedly, my sample, though voluminous, is skewed.  Our wedding room holds only 40 people, and most couples don't even know we have a wedding room.  The number of times I've heard, "Oh, this is so nice!  We had no idea the room would be so cute!" as we enter testifies to that.  Still, enough know or have squadrons of friends to offer at least some anecdotal data as to the effect of a crowd on the wedding itself.

Large groups present a wrangling challenge that the couple-plus-single-witness model does not. Getting all those folks into one elevator (or even several), herding them into the wedding room, getting all cell phones silenced, and making sure the couple stays the focus of attention - it all takes work.  The payoff is the eruption of applause when the ceremony concludes and the couple are actually married.  That release of energy is captivating.

So bring as many friends as you want!  We can pack people in, and there's plenty of seating space.  Just make sure your guests have met beforehand, as those benches can get pretty tight.

Fashion report
Today was all about coral: coral shoes and camisole vs. a coral blazer for one couple, and a coral strapless dress with brand new high heels (we lent a pair of scissors to cut off the tag).  The last bride wore a teal blouse with a peplum, and matching teal shoes.  Guess it's Southwestern palette day.

By the numbers
Ceremonies: 11
Formal wear: 6
Weddings with more than one official photographer: 1

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